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We breed for good bodies and hardiness first and then for a cover of fine and consistent fleece. That means both males and females have well spaced straight legs, good spring of rib with great heart and lung capacity. Wide long bodies also mean increased mohair producing body mass and ease of kidding.
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Contact us if you are looking for something special and you don't see on the sales page. We usually can provide the animal you want even if it isn't shown for sale.
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Black Satin is a deep charcoal doe with bright blue eyes. She is 3 yo and has not kidded.
Dominant. $500
Daisy (below) is a CAGBA registered white color carrier. Her sire is an AAGBA buck and her dam is an ultra fine black doe from the Isa Jenning line. She is 3 yo. She produced a black buck kid last year. She is bred to Weston (Winny, CAGBA National Reserve Champion and Zorro, multi-show champion) with a March 14th due date. Dominant. $500 bred or $350 after kid(s) weaned.
Muffin is a Twinkie/Mescal 7yo doe. Shown here with her doeling from our AAGBA buck. Muffin has produced excellent red/brown and black off-spring every year since she was a 2yo. This is the first year she had a single but it was a 10 pound doeling! Dominant. $400.
Lady Bug and her yearling doe Lysette. Dominant does. Lady Bug twinned (sire Weston) on 3/11 with a brown buckling and a black doeling with frosted ears. Available with both kids for or $900 or after kids are weaned for $500.
Lysette will be breeding age this fall and is offered at $400.
We provide a free buck with the purchase of 3 or more does.
Click here for our sales policy.
Licorice is a beautiful black doe. She was Nevada State Champion as a 4 yo beating even the AAGBA goats she was competing against. We have kept every one of her doelings. Wahya is also out of Licorice and was the first place aged buck at BSG in 2010.
The picture on the left is from 2008. On right, Licorice is shown in 2011 with her yearling daughter (Gum Drop) who was 2nd place yearling at CAGBA nationals in 2011. Gum Drop's red twin sister (Almond Roca) is on our Colored Doe page where you can also see Lita from Licorice.
 Licorice is for the buyer looking to get a top quality show goat. Dominant. $700
Tiva is a pinto, twin sister to Tuwa. She is a very fine fleeced petite girl who had a large single buckling her first breeding.
Tiva is out of Toffee and Whappo. Like Spencer, Tiva is getting darker as she matures.
Dominant. $600
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