Angora Goat Breeding Bucks
Angora bucks are larger than than the females and mature bucks usually weigh 125 to 175 lbs but can get over 200 pounds. Buck horns can be quite impressive and one needs to be carefull around them. Large bucks may weigh up to 225 pounds and all bucks are quite powerful animals. They are generally not agressive toward their handlers but the behavior range of bucks can be quite broad. They should be approached carefully at all times but especially during the rut and when does are with them. They are capable of causing seriously injury. We have been fortunate in that all of the bucks we have are quite the gentlemen with us and their does. We will not keep nor will we sell an aggressive animal.

The buck is a key element in any breeding program. His genetics are 50% of every kid produced. Get the best buck you can find if you plan to breed Angora goats. You need not own a buck even if you decide to breed. Some breeders will lease you a buck for a season and others may provide stud services for your does. Check with the breeders in your area to see what is available.

If you decide to breed Angora goats and you want to have your own buck(s) you need to know a few things. Bucks are usually kept seperate from the does except while breeding.

If you are planning on keeping a buck care should be taken in locating the buck barn. Bucks have a ritual of "scenting" themselves during the rut and breeding cycle. Angora bucks do not have the scent glands at the base of their horns that other goats have so the smell is not as intense but you may still want to make sure your house is upwind of their area.

Bucks can service a large number of does but watch their condition.

Your buck will probably out live his usefullness in your breeding program. We prefer to use several unrelated bucks in our breeding program rather than line breeding. With a single buck we can breed to the same does repeatedly and either sell the off-spring or use an unrealted buck. If your goal is to improve the quality and character of your stock you want the kids to be of better quality than the parents you need to keep some of the kids to continue making improvements.

Angora goat bucks are quite majestic and impressive in appearance and we enjoy having them around. We typically shear close to 10 lbs of mohair each clip from our boys and our adult buck fiber is still marketable.
Angora Goats
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