RCF Livestock Guardian Dogs
LGD'S are an important part of our livestock operations. Our 100 acre farm is in a very rural part of So. Oregon and is shared with coyote, bear, cougar, hawk, eagle, and smaller predator like possum, racoon, crows and rats. Our dogs live with and protect our goats, sheep and chickens.
Mary, a purebred Maremma.
Emma & Arrow
Angora Goats
Gotland Sheep
Abby & Maggie used to be best buddies. As they matured, they began to fight. Now, Maggie remains with the sheep but Abby has been returned to her beloved bucks! Thankfully we have several separate areas so can move our dogs around as needed.
We have at least two dogs in each livestock group. They cover large areas and we do not believe a single dog can adequately protect against a pack of coyotes/dogs or a single cougar.
Arrow (L) loves his babies!
When kids are lost or scared, they run to Arrow. You can almost see him smile when they climb all over him.
Apple joined our farm from Colorado in 2009. He is an Anatolian/Pyr 6 yo male. He was raised as a city dog but he is adjusting to farm life well. He is a big boy and we have him in with our "big boy" goats. You can see how big he is compred to Abby to the right. Apple is happy with the huge space he has to protect.
Left is Kodiak. He is now Maggie's partner with the ewes. Kodiak is very dedicated to his ewes and lambs.
Pogo, below, using a jump box to access the dog food where the goats can't eat it.
I have a cement block inside and outside for the dogs to step up on to get up to the hole. A hole, just big enough for the dogs to get through, is cut in the fence and then it is reinforced with a section of cattle panel.
A friend made one with the hole in a piece of plywood. The goats apparently can see the hole better and they jump in and out all the time.
You can see another small hole at the bottom right of the picture on the left. The dog self-feeders are in the chicken area so the little hole is for the free-range chickens.
Emma guardian her does and babies.
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