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We breed for good bodies and hardiness then for a cover of fine and uniform fleece.
Both males and females have well spaced straight legs, good spring of rib with great heart and lung capacity.
Wide long bodies = increased mohair producing body mass and ease of kidding.
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Contact us if you are looking for something special. We usually can provide the animal you want even if it isn't shown for sale. If not, we can refer you to another reputable breeder in your area.
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Does for Sale - Page 2
Keysi is a nice dark brown faced doe with a silky fleece. Shown left as a yearling and below with her yearling daughter.
Available after kidding in 2013. Dominant color pool. 4yo. $600
Every one of the does for sale are exceptional and I hate parting with them.
But, I can't keep them all. I want to continue to have widely diverse genetics and a healthy sized herd so either the mom or their off-spring have to be offered for sale.
Mona Lisa (front) is not for sale
Poppy (BELOW) is a deeply colored 6yo doe out of Philbert and Selma. Selma was a dark brown Brooks doe. Poppy has produced dark brown/red and black kids and I still have most of her off-spring. $600
Poppy shown above left with her adult daughters in the winter of 2011. and below in the summer of 2012 as a 5yo doe. Poppy is much redder in her summer fleece and more brown in her winter fleece.
Keysi & Mona Lisa shown with clipped faces so they could see!
Aster below shown in fleece as a yearling and shorn (R) so you can better see her beautiful blue color. Aster is out of our CAGBA to AAGBA breeding.
She is sold as a bred doe. Antonio is the sire. He is a tri-colored gorgeous buck who was grand champion colored Angora at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival this September. Aster and Antonio are recessive. $800
Carmella - recessive. Sold bred to our fancy pinto buck, Magnum. These kids are expected to be highly patterned/colored. Reserve champion Jr. colored Doe at OFFF this year. Twin to Antonio with identical pattern/color. 2013 will be Carmella's first kidding. $850.
Pecan - dominant red doe with blue eyes. Pecan is out of Spencer (BSG Champion buck) and Pumpkin. Pecan is bred to Cochise, 2011 CAGBA national champion colored Buck. 2013 will be Pecan's first kidding. She is due February 2nd so will only be sold if she will be settled in to her new home by Christmas. $850.
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